Our company which has been producer of the modern retractable pergolas, roof, winter garden and awning systems since 1976, won accumulation of experience and has established production facilities in 2000 in Silivri. Through this property is established in domestic and overseas production gained speed. Our company at home and abroad, Suntech and Vera brand, quality an under the reliability of which are for sale. Our proffesional managament team, experienced marketing department, effective CRM who obtained the highest level of customer satisfaction with our company policy, this thus continuously expanding its customer portfolio.

Our company has experienced rapid sales channels to its customers with quality products and while providing better service, especially in Europe, this consept and philosophy show the whole world by exporting to varius countries in the world. Our company, increased invesment by the modern tecnology and high-quality products, domestic and foreign markets, talked often with a company in has.

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Albayrak, 20,000 m2 closed area, modern and technologically integrated manufacturing facilities at international standards to produce modern retractable pergolas, roof, winter garden and awning systems at home and abroad, Vera and Suntech brand under the name of offers for sale.

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Our company is one of the leading companies of the sector in the world market, and it directs the future of the sector with its design studies. Albayrak sees its current innovation studies as the leading advantage in directing the sector structure to creative, functional and architectural design. For this purpose, our system development efforts follow a dynamic course with our strong staff.

In our production facility, processes such as CAD-CAM supported model design, production of molds for CNC machines, casting of aluminum in injection machines, painting of parts by electrostatic painting method in automatic conveyor ovens, assembly of parts-profiles in production lines are carried out.

Our company, which produces according to international and national standards, has been found suitable to receive ISO 9001 certification with its customer-oriented quality approach. In addition, the quality of our products has been approved by TÜV, the international neutral surveillance agency, and certified by CE and TÜV GS certificates.

INDUSTRY 4.0 - Smart Factory - New Generation Production Technologies

Albayrak accelerates Sustainable Innovation Management with Industry 4.0.

Albayrak, which is among the companies that have already adopted the Industry 4.0 vision, argues that the digitalization of the industry will contribute greatly to the developing economies and takes great steps towards digitalization. In this sense, it carries out efforts to offer a process integrated with automation technologies, communication and wireless information integration for all management processes. The priority features we have with the strong Industry 4.0 strategy we have established in our business are: strong customization of products under innovative production conditions, innovative automation technology, optimization and restructuring.


Thanks to CRM and ERP special software developed in accordance with the processes of our business, we organize all business and post-sales processes in digital environment and thus, we provide instant and maximum performance tracking & reporting.