Our company which has been producer of the modern retractable pergolas, roof, winter garden and awning systems since 1976, won accumulation of experience and has established production facilities in 2000 in Silivri. Through this property is established in domestic and overseas production gained speed. Our company at home and abroad, Suntech and Vera branc, quality an Under the reliability of which are for sale. Our proffesional managament team, experienced marketing department, effective CRM who obtained the highest level of customer satisfaction with our company policy, this thus continuously expanding its customer portfolio.

Our company has experienced rapid sales channels to its customers with quality products and while providing better service, especially in Europe, this consept and philosophy show the whole world by exporting to varius countries in the world. Our company, increased invesment by the modern tecnology and high-quality products, domestic and foreign markets, talked often with a company in has.


Production facility, CAD-CAM model, design, CNC machine tools models of patterns of production, injection of aluminum melting casting machines, automatic dishwashers parts powder coating ovens, paint method, production processes such as assembly lines, parts and profiles done. Continuous innovation, our company attaches importance to R & D with the principle of shading on the creative solutions. While, Through the advanced test equipment products from the before presenting the control has the ability to use. In addition, the project team of professional, architectural projects, the application Before the stage offers 3D visualisation.

According to international and national standards customer focused company engaged in manufacturing with the concept of quality was eligible to receive ISO 9001 certification. In addition, the quality of our products in international impartial oversight organization approved by the TÜV, CE and GS certificates are certified by TUV.


Albayrak, 20,000 m2 closed area, modern and technologically integrated manufacturing facilities at international standards to produce modern retractable pergolas, roof, winter garden and awning systems at home and abroad, Vera and Suntech brand under the name of offers for sale.

Albayrak operates with widespread distribution sales channels and solution-oriented approach to projects in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia continents in total 72 countries. Albayrak has professional management team, skilled marketing unit, effective customer relationship policy that providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, thereby expanding customer portfolio.

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